Vegan Strawberry Mochi Ice Cream

Vegan strawberry mochi ice cream has a filling of vanilla ice cream and strawberry jam ice cream, with a soft and chewy strawberry mochi crust.

Similar to my coconut peanut mochi, this one is easy to make and makes use of a lot of fresh strawberries!

Notes about the ingredients

Mochiko flour, or sweet glutinous rice flour. This can be found in a lot of East Asian stores. This recipe will not turn out well with regular rice flour!

  • The strawberry mochi is kept soft in the freezer and is sweetened with sugar.
  • Strawberries moisten the mochi dough and impart flavour and colour. As an alternative, you can use one cup of dairy-free milk, extra pink food colouring, and strawberry essence in its place.
  • The mochi mixture will not adhere to your hands, the work surface, or the utensils if you use cornflour. As an alternative, try using potato starch. You may instead use a neutral-flavoured oil in place of part of the cornflour.

Getting the ice cream ready

I suggest making the ice cream first! It’s challenging to wrap soft, freshly scooped ice cream with mochi dough. Thus, we must refreeze the ice cream after scooping it.

There should be roughly two teaspoons of ice cream in each scoop. I suggest vegan strawberry or vegan vanilla ice cream for this recipe!

As an alternative, you can either: Make vegan strawberry jam-swirled ice cream

  • Spoon the jam straight into the ice cream container OR
  • Spoon some ice cream into a bowl, then cover the ice cream with jam and serve.

Making the dough for the mochi

The mochi dough is prepared in a single bowl and microwaved.

In a bowl, combine all the ingredients and stir to combine (images 3 and 4). After two minutes in the microwave, cover the bowl with a plate or food-safe wrap and stir.

Proceed with that procedure in the microwave, one minute at a time. Feel free to add some pink food colouring if you’d like, as the colour of your mochi dough will vary with time (Image 5).

Strawberry Mochi Ice Cream You can steam the mochi dough for 15 to 20 minutes, stirring the mixture once or twice during that period, if you don’t have a microwave.

When the liquid is added evenly, it will evaporate and leave behind a soft, stretchy mochi dough (image 6). When the dough comes together into a loose ball and the surface is glossy, it’s done. Because the dough is very sticky, I advise putting oil or cornflour on your hands, utensils, and spatula.

Putting the mochi ice cream together

My best advice for putting together the vegan strawberry mochi ice cream is to:

  • Make sure to roll out the mochi with a lot of corn flour. Any leftover corn flour can always be dusted off later.
  • When wrapping the mochi, move quickly! When the ice cream melts, it might become challenging to wrap the mochi. To prevent the ice cream from melting in my hands, I put the mochi dough in a small dish or bowl.

In any other case, wrapping the ice cream may require some practice. Enjoy yourself, and don’t stress if it’s not flawless!

Lastly, enjoy the vegan mochi ice cream after freezing it for one to two hours!

Extra Advice

The dough for my mochi is sticky and won’t roll into a ball. How should I proceed?

The dough for mochi should be extremely sticky! Your final mochi will actually be softer the stickier it is.

Strawberry Mochi Ice Cream When mixing, take a spoon or bowl scraper, coat it with oil, and scrape the edges of the bowl. You might discover that your dough comes together after this! If not, cook the dough in the microwave until more moisture evaporates and the mochi becomes less runny.

How can I freeze the mochi without making them hard?

It will be frozen solid when you consume the mochi right out of the freezer. To soften the mochi skin, let it defrost for ten minutes.

You probably overcooked your mochi dough or let it dry out at room temperature when you made your strawberry ice cream mochi if, when you thaw it, it’s still firm.

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