Red White And Blue Ice Cream Recipe

Red White And Blue Ice Cream Recipe

Prep: 20mins

Cook: 12mins

Cool Churn and freeze: 5hrs 25mins

Total: 5hrs 57mins

Servings: 8servings

Yield: 1quart

The ideal dessert for a Fourth of July cookout is this ice cream! A simple handmade vanilla ice cream is swirled with chunky blueberry jam and vivid scarlet raspberry jam. Savour this delicious frozen treat at any time of year!

You may prepare your own raspberry and blueberry sauces to swirl into the ice cream base instead of the jams if you have fresh or frozen raspberries or blueberries on hand. (For additional information, see the recipe variations below.)

If you want to make more for a crowd, this recipe can be scaled up to fit in a 1-quart ice cream maker. If so, use a higher-capacity machine or churn in batches.

A Note From Our Recipe Tester

The base for the vanilla ice cream turned out flawlessly, with no eggy flavour and a creamy smoothness. It was simple to make.

I brought the mixture just above 170 degrees Fahrenheit; this happens quickly, so be sure to have a basin and strainer close by. To balance the flavour, I sprinkled in a couple of pinches of salt.

Red White And Blue Ice Cream


  • Two cups of heavy cream
  • one cup of whole milk
  • 3/4 cup of sugar, granulated
  • Four huge yolks from eggs
  • One huge, complete egg
  • One and a half tsp pure vanilla extract
  • One-third cup of homemade blueberry sauce or jam
  • 1/4 cup of homemade raspberry sauce or jam 

Steps To Make It

01: Gather The Ingredients

02: Mix the granulated sugar, milk, and heavy cream in a medium saucepan. Stir the ingredients and heat it over medium heat for about 10 minutes, or until it starts to boil. Lower the temperature to sustain a gentle simmer.

03: The egg yolks and whole egg should be combined and beaten in a medium-sized bowl. 

04: Whisk continually and add 1 cup of the heated milk mixture very gradually to the egg mixture.

05: Transfer the yolk mixture back to the pot and whisk continuously with a wooden spoon or silicone spatula over medium-low heat.

06: Cook the mixture, stirring frequently, for another one to two minutes, or until it reaches a temperature of 170 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit or until it coats the back of a spoon.

07: Using a fine mesh screen, pour the custard mixture into a bowl made of glass or stainless steel, and then whisk in the vanilla essence.

08: For about ten minutes, stir the custard mixture often to allow it to cool slightly. Once the bowl is completely cold, cover and refrigerate for three to four hours.

09: As directed by the manufacturer, churn the custard mixture in an ice cream machine until it becomes soft-frozen. 

10: Spoon a layer of the soft-frozen mixture, swiftly working, onto a small pan or 1-quart container. Dollop a little of the raspberry and blueberry jams onto the ice cream.

11: Until all of the ice cream and jam have been utilized, continue layering. Using a wooden spoon handle or a small spatula, cut through the layers to create a subtle swirl. 

12: Even out of the ice cream’s surface. For about two hours, cover and freeze until solid and scoopable.

Tips For Making Red White And Blue Ice Cream

When you want to get your ice cream, you have to make plans at least one day ahead of time. Before churning a batch of ice cream, the majority of home ice cream makers need that their bowl be kept in the coldest area of your freezer—typically the far back. This must be done for at least 24 hours.

The ice cream can be eaten immediately after churning, however, it will typically have a soft-serve consistency. The ice cream needs to be frozen for at least two hours before serving if you want it to be easier to scoop.

Recipe Variations

Try these simple and quick homemade raspberry and blueberry sauces in place of store-bought jams:

Fresh Raspberry Sauce: In a large saucepan, add 1 teaspoon of fresh lemon juice, 1/2 cup sugar, and 2 cups fresh raspberries, or roughly 8 ounces. Before boiling, add a small sprinkle of salt to the mixture. 

Mash the raspberries and stir. Simmer until reduced and thickened, stirring frequently to avoid burning. To get rid of the seeds, strain through a chinois or fine mesh sieve. Before adding it to the ice cream, refrigerate until completely chilled.

Nutrition Facts (Per Serving)

Calories             Carbs             Protein             Fat

412                     38g                 7g                     26g

Special Love Note For Red White And Blue Ice Cream Lover

To my most beloved ice cream enthusiast,

As wonderful and revitalising as the pleasure itself is your affection for red, white, and blue ice cream. 

I am reminded of your bright spirit and the beautiful joy you bring into my life with every scoop. 

You spice up every day with a dash of love and a burst of happiness, just like the ideal combination of flavours. 

Together, we craft the ideal swirl of recollections, every bit as vibrant and wonderful as your go-to ice cream. 

I love you sweet, patriotic dessert lover. Here’s to more shared scoops and unending love.

Red White And Blue Ice Cream


How Do You Use Food Coloring Ice Cream?

Transfer three heaped spoonfuls of ice cream into a little bowl. A few drops of food colouring gel should be used; the more, the brighter the colour. 

Blend until the gel is completely mixed in and the ice cream takes on colour.

What Makes A Good Ice Cream?

Fat contributes to an excellent ice cream’s velvety, creamy mouthfeel by reducing the size of ice crystals. 

According to Bauer, fat is also incredibly good at transferring flavours, so when the ice cream melts on your tongue, the flavour of your ingredients hits you.

Are Cream And Ice Cream The Same?

Ice cream is a type of frozen treat that is usually produced from milk or cream that has been flavoured with fruit, like peaches or strawberries, and a spice, like vanilla or chocolate, or with sugar or a substitute. Stabilisers are sometimes combined with food colouring.

Does Ice Cream Have Food Coloring?

Except for chocolate, most ice cream flavours are made from a white base mix without any additional colouring. Whiteness results from light reflecting off of insoluble substances, mainly fat globules and casein micelles.

Does Food Coloring Melt Ice?

Water that has colour indicates that there is most likely something dissolved in it. This may alter the temperature at which the ice begins to melt, but it won’t significantly alter how quickly it melts. 

This melting temperature won’t likely alter significantly with regular food colouring, but other kinds of dye might.


Ultimately, making a recipe for red, white, and blue ice cream is a fun and patriotic way to commemorate any occasion, particularly national holidays. 

Strawberries, vanilla, and blueberries come together in this colourful treat to create a delightful and eye-catching dessert. 

It’s the ideal recipe for both inexperienced and seasoned home cooks because it’s simple to follow and calls for basic ingredients. 

Making this vibrant ice cream allows you to celebrate and bring joy and a festive vibe to your get-togethers in addition to enjoying a delicious dessert. Savour the delightful flavour of harmony and customs!

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