How To Make Jalapeno Ice Cream

Homemade Jalapeno Ice Cream

In Jalapeno Ice Cream, creamy, cold sweetness combines with spicy, zesty heat to create an unexpected blend of rich, creamy dairy and the scorching bite of jalapeño peppers.

Jalapeno Ice Cream

First, I wasn’t sure my original jalapeño ice cream recipe would succeed when I came up with it. But we enjoy spicy and sweet combos, so I thought I’d try it.

Over the years, I’ve created many intriguing flavor combinations. I also like to think of myself as a rather daring chef. However, making a spicy ice cream dish always seems a little bit risky.

This delicacy is a flavorful, tantalizing delight that tantalizes the senses by shifting between sweet and spicy, leaving a lasting impression on the palate. You should try this if you like strange and daring desserts.

Spicy Ice Cream

Since we will be straining the peppers, you technically don’t need to remove the seeds to create this dish. However, the pepper’s insides can be a bit of a hot wild card because the white inner ribs contain most of the capsaicin.

Feel free to adjust the quantity of peppers used in this recipe. I used three large peppers, roughly ¾ cup diced because I wanted a good kick of heat. The first time you prepare it, use only one pepper if you’re concerned about heat.

Jalapeno Ice Cream

What Are the Most Popular Ice Cream Flavors?

Ice cream comes in thousands of flavors, ranging from chocolate to strawberry to pineapple jalapeño. However, if you were to close your eyes and predict what flavor of ice cream is most popular, you would most likely guess properly and choose vanilla.

Out of all the flavors available, 90% of American households that consume ice cream go for vanilla. Given how adaptable it is, it most likely prevails. Beyond being fantastic on its own, vanilla pairs well with almost any other dessert when served “aside.

” Pie, cake, soda floats, and almost any other dessert would be enhanced by a scoop of vanilla ice cream placed next to it. Finally, vanilla can be topped with a wide variety of ice cream flavors without overpowering the flavor.

What Was the First Ice Cream Flavors?

I can assure you, though, that it isn’t pineapple jalapeño. Many believe that the vanilla ice cream flavor was the original, even though it’s currently the most popular. 

But in the fourth century B.C., the Roman emperor Nero had snow collected for him from the mountains by his slaves, and the snow was flavored with fruit toppings, nuts, and honey. It wasn’t precisely the first ice treat to be documented in history or even ice “cream,” but you get the idea.

Jalapeno Ice Cream Recipe

To prepare this recipe, you’ll need the following ingredients:

  • Remove the stems and seeds from 2-4 jalapenos and slice them very fine
  • . ¾ cup sugar,
  •  ¼ teaspoon salt
  • dividing two cups of heavy cream
  • One cup of whole milk
  •  one teaspoon of vanilla essence 
  • one-half teaspoon of ground cinnamon 
Jalapeno Ice Cream


  • In a saucepan, mix the sugar, salt, and jalapenos. Stir in 1 cup of cream and cook over medium-high heat to a gentle simmer, stirring all the time. (AVOID boiling.) Lower the heat to keep it simmering, and stir all the time. 
  • After the sugar has dissolved, take the mixture off the heat, cover it, and allow it to sit for 60 minutes before allowing it to cool.
  • After the mixture cools, set a glass bowl next to the hob over a fine-mesh sieve. Transfer the chilled blend via the sieve. Throw out the peppers.
  • To the infused cream, add the remaining cup of cream, milk, ground cinnamon, and vanilla. After mixing thoroughly, transfer the mixture to the ice cream machine. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for freezing.

Nutrition Facts (per serving)

Calories                 Carbs               Protein                Fats

394kcal                   30g                    4g                        30g

Special Note For Jalapeno Ice Cream Lovers

To All Who Love Jalapeño Ice Cream:

You’re going to love this fiery, icy treat! Our jalapeno ice cream is designed to entice your senses with a blend of coolness and spice. Each smooth scoop has a burst of hot jalapeño flavor that is expertly counterbalanced by the ice cream’s sweetness.

It’s a singular luxury that dares to go against convention. Whether you’re an experienced spice lover or an adventurous foodie, this unique dish is sure to leave you with wonderful memories. Indulge, relish the heat, and allow our chilled jalapeño ice cream to spark your gustatory journey!

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