The Best Peach Sorbet Without Ice Cream Maker

The Best Peach Sorbet Without Ice Cream Maker

This is the best peach sorbet without an ice cream maker—a straightforward sorbet made with only three ingredients that taste like summer in a bowl—and you can make it without an ice cream maker!

I’m sharing with you a recipe for handmade peach sorbet that tastes like summer in a bowl as the last of the hot weather fades here in Australia. Without an ice cream maker, this recipe yields the finest peach sorbet ever!

It’s not tricky at all, and there’s no need to make sugar syrup or use an ice cream maker! Simply combine or process everything until smooth, and freeze.

And that’s it. It is that easy. Let’s get going now!

How To Make Sorbet Without An Ice Cream Maker

First, cut each peach into eight pieces, and then, if using fresh, peel them.

Place them in a blender or food processor with the sugar. 

and combine, periodically scraping down the edges, until smooth. After that, taste and add lemon juice. Freeze for 6 to 7 hours, or until firm.

Tips for Making This Peach Sorbet Without Churning

  • Cut crosswise to the “seam” or “crease” that runs along the peach’s side when making the initial cut. This procedure makes it easier to remove the stone entirely from the peach. In my batch, all of the peach stones had split at some point.
  • Peeling the peaches: Once the fruit is sliced into eighths, the skin should come off rather easily if the peaches are quite ripe. I simply cut the skin off with a small, sharp knife if you find that it is difficult to peel off.
  • To achieve a creamy and perfectly set final product, the fruit-to-sugar ratio must be 4:1 (i.e., 800g of fruit divided by 4 = 200g sugar). This ensures that the sorbet sets firm but retains its scoopability.
  • In the past, readers have questioned me about using canned or tinned peaches in place of fresh peaches. I hate to say that I wasn’t successful with it. I suggest sticking with fresh peaches instead of canned ones.
Peach Sorbet


  • Eight excellent yellow peaches, frozen or fresh, 800g, peeled and sliced
  • 200 grams (see notes) of caster sugar
  • One tablespoon, or to taste, lemon juice (see notes)


  • Peel each of the eight peach slices after slicing them.
  • Put the peach slices and sugar into the food processor bowl and process, stopping 
  • occasionally to scrape down the sides, until the mixture is smooth.
  • After smoothing, taste and add lemon juice.
  • Freeze until solid, about 6-7 hours. 


  • Taste and adjust the amount of lemon juice as needed. Don’t pour it all in at once. It could also seem like an odd component, but it enhances the peach flavour significantly.
  • A 4:1 fruit-to-sugar ratio is what you want to achieve the desired consistency. I calculate this based on my weight. I weigh the peeled and sliced fruit, then divide the weight by 4 to determine how much sugar to add.
  • My 800g of sliced peaches in this recipe yields 200g when divided by 4.
  • It should maintain a decent consistency regardless of the size of the recipe, as long as you adhere to the proportion of 4:1

Nutrition Facts (per serving)

Calories                Carbs                Protein                 Fat

142kcal                     0g                      0g                      0g

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