How To Make Strawberry Soft Serve At Home

How To Make Strawberry Soft Serve At Home

Without an ice cream maker, quickly prepare delicious and fresh handmade ice cream! You just need a food processor, and it just takes a few minutes to make this strawberry soft serve.

We genuinely adore homemade popsicles and ice cream.

Moreover, hours of freezing time are still needed for no-cook recipes, which are essentially “make a smoothie and pour into a mold” recipes. What happens if you only want ice cream and nothing is prepared, it’s hot outside, and you’re exhausted? This, friends, is all.

Why This Recipe Is Necessary

  • All you need is a food processor! Do not heat, churn, or freeze the ice cream machine insert.
  • There are four components! Yes, you should carry these around at all times.
  • The children are capable of attending. Using the food processor with small hands feels relatively secure, as the fruit is already the perfect size. 


Strawberry Soft Serve

  • Strawberries are ideal to always have in the freezer, whether you freeze them yourself or you always buy a bag at the supermarket.
  • Choose the highest-quality whole milk or cream. Whether it’s from your cows or the neighborhood dairy, make sure it’s high-fat.
  • A small amount of maple syrup adds sweetness to the fruit.
  • Yes, salt is the element that unites everything! 


Strawberry Soft Serve


Puree the strawberries, maple syrup, and salt until the mixture resembles large rice grains. 


After a few seconds, add the milk and process again. 


Clean the edges and repeat the process. 


Repeatedly scrape down the sides and process until mostly smooth.

Strawberry Soft Serve

Tips And Tricks

  • I would rather not overprocess it and keep the strawberries in little bits than turn them into a soup.
  • You can freeze it for about 20 minutes and stir it before serving if it becomes too soupy.
  • If your children are still very young, measure the ingredients ahead of time and place them in small bowls. They can easily handle the processing and addition with this method.
  • A small dash of vanilla extract never goes wrong. 


This strawberry ice cream, in my opinion, tastes best with whole milk or cream. This is a huge plus, in my opinion, because there is never enough cream! I try to skim as much milk as I can from the jars, but I usually want the cream for other things. I make this more frequently now that I can use full milk.

Absent strawberries? Not an issue. I made mine using blackberries, but you could actually use any frozen fruit; just adjust the sweetness to suit the flavor of the fruit. Peach slices might need to be cut in half because they are a little too large.

I believe that the secret is to have all of the frozen fruit of a similar size so that it processes more uniformly. For example, you wouldn’t want to combine large strawberries and blueberries. If using bananas, chop them into pieces about the same size as the strawberries, etc.

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