How To Make Oreo Ice Cream

Most people have a soft spot for Oreo ice cream, sometimes referred to as cookies and cream ice cream. This recipe calls for a classic French egg custard base, but instead of using vanilla ice cream with Oreo cookies folded in, the base is composed of Oreo milk. 

Yes, there is such a thing as Oreo milk, and it tastes great. This is a very easy ice cream recipe that combines the rich, creamy sweetness of a classic vanilla ice cream base with the well-known crunch and chocolatey flavor of Oreo biscuits.

Whether you’re cooking this for your family, having a party this summer, or just looking for a delicious treat to enjoy on your own, this Oreo cookie ice cream will fulfill your sweet appetite.

Reasons to love this recipe

1. Cream and cookies One of the most popular flavors of ice cream in the world is virtually always made with Oreo biscuits. It is commonly accessible in supermarkets, ice cream stores, and restaurants, and it is a favorite among both adults and children.

2. It is adaptable. You may use it to top brownies, create sundaes, add it to milkshakes, and bake ice cream cakes. Oreo cookie ice cream is so versatile that you can use it for a lot of different purposes!

3. It evokes nostalgia. Many individuals find that Oreos only bring back memories of their early years. I think everyone dipped Oreos in milk when they were little. Hell, I still carry it out. It’s a flavor that transports you back to your childhood and evokes wonderful recollections.

4. I love Oreo milk so much. Setting aside the ice cream, it’s always a good idea to make cookie milk. This serves as the base for my milkshake of cookies and cream, and on particularly good days, I even add some to my iced coffee as a treat.

5. This is as simple as it is tasty. The crunchy, chocolatey cookie chunks that are added during churning are the ideal contrast to the rich, creamy ice cream base produced with Oreo milk.

preparing ice cream at home

If you count no-churn ice cream, which I do, there are three varieties:

Ice cream in the French manner. This is a custard-based recipe made with sugar, egg yolks, milk, and cream that I use as the foundation for my Oreo cookie ice cream. I make several ice creams with this fantastic base, such as my butterscotch ice cream with chocolate cake. 

And even though this is regarded as a French method of producing ice cream, most ice cream recipes incorporate this method.

The last ice cream recipe is no churn, which is the easiest to make. It uses sweetened condensed milk, folds in whipped heavy cream, and—best of all—requires no ice cream maker. The simplicity of this no-churn blueberry cream dish is astounding.


This is a French-style ice cream base; therefore, the fundamental ingredients are cooked custard and these:

  • Egg Yolks 
  • Sugar
  • milk. Make the milk with Oreo cookies. Believe me.
  • thick cream
  • Salt with vanilla. Just a hint.

How to Make Oreo Milk

It’s incredibly easy, considering how excellent it is. In essence, the cookies are steeped in milk until they become completely mushy and blend in with the liquid.

After adding the Oreos to the milk, let them sit in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes. Shake the mixture to properly incorporate the Oreos.

When you use this instead of conventional milk to make the ice cream base, the Oreos are distributed throughout the entire ice cream instead of just the cookie pieces that are added at the end (though you still get those).

Substitutions and modifications of ingredients

You could use any kind of cookie for these, not just chocolate Oreos, even though this is an Oreo ice cream recipe. Here are some further suggestions:

Try an alternative Oreo flavor. You may use golden Oreos or any of the hundreds of other flavors of Oreo cookies if you’re not a fan of chocolate (lemon or peanut butter sounds very wonderful with ice cream).

To enhance the chocolate flavor, incorporate a fudge ripple when churning in your ice cream machine.

Strawberries or bananas can be added to the ice cream to provide another aspect and vary the flavor.

Equipment needed

You do need an ice cream maker to create my recipe for Oreo ice cream. It is certainly worth the investment to try making your own ice cream maker if you don’t already have one.

And you’ll never go back, in my opinion, once you start making ice cream and realize how easy, delicious, and healthier it is overall.

Preserving homemade ice cream

Ice cream, of course, needs to be kept in the freezer. Oreo ice cream will be fairly soft after churning and will require an extra few hours in the freezer to solidify before consumption. To help avoid freezer burn, store it covered in a freezer-safe container.

Best advice

Before use, the custard foundation needs to be fully chilled. Every time, I prepare my base the night before and let it rest in the refrigerator. Before churning, allow at least eight hours of chill time.


So, when you set out on your Oreo ice cream-making journey, keep in mind that it’s about enjoying the warmth of sharing something genuinely wonderful with others and the thrill of creating, rather than just following a recipe. Let every bite be an ode to flavour, ingenuity, and the basic joys of life.

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