Chill Out With Homemade Fruit Roll Up Ice Cream

Fruit Roll Up Ice Cream A Flavorful Adventure

With just two ingredients, this fruit roll-up ice cream has a sweet, chewy, and crunchy frozen tenderness that became popular on TikTok!

Fruit Roll-Up Ice Cream: What Is It?

A Fruit Roll-Up sheet is wrapped around an ice cream scoop to create Fruit Roll-Up Ice Cream, a TikTok fad. The Fruit Roll-Up hardens the ice cream once it’s covered, giving it a crunchy exterior.

It resembles an ice cream cone dipped in chocolate; only fruit Roll-Ups are used instead of chocolate!

Ice cream and fruit roll-ups are the only two basic components needed to make this fruit Roll-Up ice cream. This recipe’s ingredients are all prepackaged, making it a simple and enjoyable sweet treat for the whole family!

You can even prepare this fruit Roll-Up ice cream in advance and freeze it for those late-night cravings!

You may create an infinite number of flavour combinations by combining different fruit Roll-Up and ice cream varieties. I’m going to show you the Fruit Roll-Up flavours wrapped over French vanilla ice cream today: watermelon, apple, and tropical tie-dye. 

A Fruit Roll-Up: What Is It?

An edible, sweet wrapper that you can roll out and consume is called a fruit roll-up.

It’s essentially just candy, but it’s marketed as a fruit snack next to the peanut-free chocolate chip granola bars. 

The packaging of certain fruit Roll-Ups has adorable cartoons stamped on it. To see your temporary tongue tattoo, just place the wrapper flat on your tongue and hold it there for a few seconds.

Fruit Roll Up Ice Cream

Ingredients For Fruit Roll Up Ice Cream

Fruit Roll Up:

Any fruit Roll-Up taste you’d like.

If you can find the tropical tie-dye flavour, that’s what I suggest!

Ice Cream:

The most popular flavour of ice cream used with this fruit Roll-Up ice cream craze is vanilla.

You can also experiment with different flavours, such as chocolate ice cream, strawberry sorbet, or mango sorbet!

How To Make Fruit Roll Up Ice Cream

Follow step by step:and enjoy the process

1. Unwrap the Fruit Roll-Up

Take care not to rip the fruit Roll-Up as you gently unwrap it. Take off the Fruit Roll-Up’s plastic wrapper and transfer it to a spotless, dry surface.


To make it much easier to unwrap, put the fruit Roll-Up in the refrigerator for five to ten minutes.

2. Scoop some ice cream in the centre of the fruit roll-up.

After dipping the ice cream scooper into some warm water, remove the ice cream. Put the scooped ice cream ball in the Fruit Roll-Up’s centre.


The fruit Roll-Up won’t be able to completely cover the ice cream if you scoop up too much of it. It’s best to scoop just enough to fill the ice cream scooper to the point where a little ice cream ball is formed.

3. Immediately construct a parcel out of the fruit Roll-Up and ice cream.

Take each fruit Roll-Up quickly and insert it into the centre of the ice cream ball. In the centre of the ice cream ball, the Fruit Roll-Up’s four corners should meet.

There’s no need to freeze the fruit Roll-Ups because they will solidify as soon as they come into contact with the ice cream (unless you want to keep them for later).

The Fruit Roll-Up’s four corners are neatly tucked into the centre.


The fruit Roll-Up may solidify and crack when you try to wrap it over the ice cream if you do not wrap it soon.

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